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Youth Network is about helping young minds reach their potential. We are a youth-centred organisation based in Luton. We work with 11-25 year olds to achieve their goals and advance their unique potential by creating a platform for their thoughts and ideas. Our mission/goal is to support young people to reach their potential.

Young people need to have their voices heard. In a world where leadership and power does not naturally lie with young people, tomorrow’s future will be met with today’s aspiration

We support young people to change our community for a better world. Check out our campaigns!

Mentoring & Personal Development

Our mentors focus on giving young people professional and wellbeing support. We want to make sure that if someone reaches out for help, they are speaking to someone who understands them.

Our training team will help you develop essential skills so you can be happy about your personal growth.We want you to take control of the direction of your future and will help you to get there.


Bruno Rebelo

Peer Mentor and Employability Lead, Bruno feels that all young people should have equal access to a platform in which they are able to be themselves without fear of judgement

Meryll “Mez” Gonzaga

Peer mentor and Wellbeing lead, Meryll is a passionate youth worker who wants to support young people in achieving their goals and root for them along the way

Khadijah Hasan

Khadijah is the team’s lead researcher and she joined Youth Network due to her curiosity to understand the problems young people are facing in Luton. She is currently working on a project called “Race, Class & Covid

Riaz Ahmed

As the Production Manager, Riaz focuses on delivering unique content based around giving young people a voice through many different types of visual work including film, photography and design

Emily Williams

Campaign Manager Emily is working towards being a Youth Worker while being a voice for young people struggling with their mental health. She is managing “Discover Yourself

Zak Miah

Campaign Manager Zak wants to encourage other young people to be more skilled and ready for a competitive job market. He is currently managing “Launch

Raheed Salam

Founder and trustee, Raheed’s passion is supporting young people’s journey into adulthood and ensuring they have happy and productive formative years

Callum Pinner

Chair of the trustees, Callum joined Youth Network because he is motivated to use his time doing things that matter to him and that will have a positive impact on other people

Angelina Aziz

Secretary of the trustees, Angelina joined Youth Network because she resonated with the passion to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Ioana Stoica

Treasurer of the trustees, Ioana is a Digital Marketing professional and she uses her knowledge to mentor young people within Youth Network to develop their skills



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