Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den was a three-part series that aimed to equip young people with essential business knowledge and skills. As well as, help them to develop their own ideas and grow confidence in presenting those ideas to others.

““I had never come across so many of these big business words before but I’m really excited to use them.”

Business Masterclass

The Workshop

The first in our dragon’s den series and our flagship event as an organisation. There were over 60 people in attendance, young people received 3 lectures on the fundamentals of business and marketing from established business minds. The main purpose of this event was to provide the basic tools needed for our potential contestants to develop a business mindset and start their business idea. But- this was Dragon’s Den with a twist, the idea had to include an element of positive social action!

We also hosted a drop-in workshop, the second event in our series. Participants from the business masterclass were encouraged to come, and received mentoring support and worked in small groups to develop their business concepts. Participants were encouraged to explain and plan the social action element of their project, and apply their newly developed business acumen to give back to their local community.  They were then given a proposal deadline to submit their final plan prior to the final event.



The Event

The final event of our Dragon’s Den series was an overwhelming success. The venue was buzzing with anticipation as our crowd of proud parents, bbc reporters, local council members and many more eagerly awaited the pitches.
In total 7 pitches were presented to our panel of judges, with each pitch being thoroughly assessed by each dragon, providing our young entrepreneurs with feedback about all aspects of their pitch and business model. The Dragon’s were thoroughly impressed. All of those involved in the event walked away with some start-up money or the opportunity for mentorship and development- and a lucky few managed to leave the Den with both!

We’d like to offer a big thank you to our Dragon’s for dedicating both their time and money to helping our event and our young entrepreneurs.


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