Lockdown Survival Guide

Lockdown Survival Guide Stay Connected   Maintaining healthy relationships and keeping in touch with your friends and family is really important. Some alone-time can be nice, but too much can make you feel really isolated. Be sure to keep in touch with family and friends via social media, video call, phone or text. Look AfterContinue reading “Lockdown Survival Guide”

Abdul & Blakademik: A Mentorship

Abdul-Q & Blakademik: A Mentorship Earlier this year, we were approached by Blakademik, and asked to collaborate with them on their Mentorship programme. We sent emerging film-maker and Youth Network Ambassador, Abdul, to attend their upcoming film shoots.  Abdul was able to learn and experience important elements of film making such as directing, cameras, audioContinue reading “Abdul & Blakademik: A Mentorship”

Our First Blog Post and Welcome to The Site

Hi there! And welcome to our new blog – thought we’d give you a brief introduction to what it is all about, what you can expect and how you can participate.

First of all, this blog is the corner of the internet, where you can find opinions, comments and deep-dives from ambassadors over here at Youth Network. We hope to keep our posts relatively short, but can’t promise we will be able to resist writing a long read every now and then.