DON’T PANIC! Time really does fly and the time has finally arrived for you to start preparing yourself for the world of work. 

The best way to start getting ready to work is of course getting a job, I’m sure you already knew that… please say you knew that.

The step that is first pivotal before getting a job is of course applying to one and this is where the Curriculum Vitae (CV) comes in. Through your endless journeys in the world of social media and work experiences, you are probably aware of what a CV is and why it’s so important. But to those lucky few who don’t know,  A ‘Curriculum Vitae’  which is Latin for ‘Course of life’, is a summary of your career, education, and qualifications (if you have any). Please remember this is different from the ‘cover letters’ you keep hearing your school career advisors preaching every term at the weekly assemblies they hold. 

Moving onto the second daunting question: why are CV’s so important? 

Now, knowing CV’s are short documents given to your employer, they are crucial as it gives you a chance to demonstrate to a prospective employer why they should hire you. It shows off your skill sets, experiences and proves to them that you are the best person for the job. Making a good lasting impression is incredibly important in today’s competitive job market

Having now established what CV’s are and why they are so important, it’s now time to shine an illuminating spotlight on ways we can make sure your CV is a real show stopper, so scanning through my pre-existing knowledge, adventuring through the world wide web, and having spoken to countless career advisors, here are some of the best ways to optimize your CV!

The first step is, of course, DO NOT LIE! We have all flunked a test at one point in our lives and I’m sure we can all agree, it’s not the most impressive thing in the world. I know that you may want to blemish the truth as you feel it will give you the upper hand in the ever-growing competitive job market. But I assure you, lying will only make your work life more stressful and you definitely don’t want to know the embarrassing repercussions that can occur if they find out. But don’t worry, as I’ve said already and will say it again. The competitive job market is ever-growing and there’s a job for everyone regardless if you are proud of your academic merits or not. 

The second suggested step would be to tailor your CV! It’s incredibly important to be able to illustrate to the prospective employer that you’ve taken the time and effort into researching the company you want to work for and using the data you equip to your knowledge. Having a tailored CV can show to have massive upside potential (an increased value which makes it stand out) when it comes to surpassing the selective process all employers do and can definitely increase your chances of being chosen for an interview! You can tailor your CV by also including a few relevant keywords from the application in your personal statement. Don’t go overboard! This shows prospective employers that you have the values & experiences they are looking for.

Finally, the last one is to make your CV aesthetically pleasing to look at! The world is fuelled by image, and that also goes for your CV. Take some time to make sure it’s pleasing to the eye and also easy to read! Utilising bullet points and keeping sentences short can ensure more people scan through them. 

Congratulations!! You’ve made it to the end of this article directed towards YOU, yes YOU and your journey to entering the world of employment. The last tip I can leave you with, which will absolutely catapult your personal development to the stratosphere is by utilising all the resources the Youth Network community has to offer! We have career mentors who can offer help with CV’s, personal statements, cover letters and more. Contact me for help!


Zak Miah is the Launch Campaign Manager & A Level Student studying English Literature, Economics & Psychology.

Zak is applying to study Law.