Since Covid-19, unemployment for young people has increased by 11% with 3 out of 5 under 25’s being unemployed. Young Lutonians need support with their skills development. Whether you are interested in business, creative arts, tech or the leisure industry we can help kickstart your career

We will provide you with CV support, interview skills, job search help and skills workshops! Use the button below to connect with our employability mentor, Bruno!

Our LAUNCH social action campaign focuses on increasing employability and developing skills for young people in opportunity-deprived areas. Confidence, Communication. Teamwork, Creativity and Time management, are the key skills that Zak, our campaign manager can help you develop.

Launch will prepare young people for a competitive job market. Check out our calendar below for details of upcoming workshops and contact us below!


Start Your Own Business Workshop This workshop is focused on supporting young people in starting their own business and brand. If you want to participate, please contact us or email us through bruno@youthnetwork.co.uk

Upskill is a series of 60 second videos delivered by us to help you learn and develop your skills. This may include creative arts, BSL and digital tech to have fun and develop your learning

Youth Network is here to help you reach your potential. You can become a Youth Network Ambassador and be mentored by Bruno, Meryll, Angelina and Raheed and gain valuable volunteering experience and develop essential skills and support other young Lutonians.

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