how poetry can change your life

Poetry has always been an act of rebellion, passion and self-expression for young people

Think of poetry, picture it in your head – how do you envision it? As a notebook and a pen, sitting in front of a window with a hot cup of coffee? Or maybe a loud classroom with a hidden paper sheet and your graphite pencil? Do you imagine it through writing or through speech? Do you see Shakespeare, or a street singer on the corner of a busy street? In essence, poetry is fluid, and adaptable. However, and most importantly, poetry is self-expression.

A recent report released for National Poetry Day in the UK based on 196 people with psychological problems stated that 75% found poetry as a form of emotional release.

“In essence, what is poetry if not the tongue’s way to the heart?”

Writing is a cathartic process that allows you to connect intimately with your unconscious mind. When you write, you are prompting yourself to explore what lies beneath the surface and you are asking yourself questions that you might not be comfortable to answer others. In essence, what is poetry if not the tongue’s way to the heart?

Youth Network has recognised the importance of poetry for young people’s wellbeing, as well as a potential career path, and as such we held a poetry competition to Celebrate World Poetry Day. We decided upon three winners – Sara Hayward, Alifa Begum and Maaryia Thaker – and since the work that we have received was so outstanding we have asked all the artists who have submitted their work to allow us to share it. Check them out below.

Why don’t you start writing a poem today and contact us with your work? If you’re a young wannabe poet, or a poet with big dreams, reach out to us and let us support your writing!