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Our employability and skills training is here to equip you with the right stuff to thrive out there in the real world.

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Help us flip the narrative. We’ve all seen those ’10 worst places to live in the UK’ articles, we’re here to help people realise that Luton is a special place with special people. Launch is here to help give the already talented and vibrant young people of Luton a platform to grow and thrive in the workplace.

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It’s in the name…

Launch is here to help young people from all walks of life around Luton achieve their personal development goals. Whether you’re interested in the creative arts, business, mental health or politics we have workshops that will help launch your career. Our agile and driven staff have a range of expertise to kickstart your 2021.

Why are we doing this?

Young Lutonians have an incredible amount of drive and potential. We simply want to give you a vehicle to reach the heights that we know you can.

Youth Network is driven by people passionate about lending a helping hand and giving their skillsets to the next generation of superstars in the area. Follow our sign up link to get more information on Launch.

What will I get out of it?

We will listen to your ambitions and create a roadmap of workshops to help you get there.

By the end of the workshps, you’kll have the neccessary skills and confidence to thrive in any working environment that you chose, whether it’s creative industries or business.

What are you waiting for?

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Confidence & Communication

Contact us to find out about our confidence and communication workshops.


British Sign Language

Inclusivity is our middle name. Ok, maybe it isn’t but it’s at the heart of all of our decision making. Why not learn sign language yourself?

Employability skills

So much of what’s needed at work isn’t included in traditional edcuation. We give you real life skills to take into your working life.


Did we mention it’s free?