Youth Network boasts a range of talented staff. We’re also in the pretty unique position of being (mostly) young people run. Raheed is the only oldie, sorry Raheed.

The trustees

Raheed Salam


As the founder and one of the trustees [that’s the boring governance stuff] of Youth Network my passion is to support young people’s journey into adulthood and support them so they can have the happiest and most productive formative years of their life [the fun stuff]. 

Cal Pinner


Cal is Chair of the board which is awfully important and is instrumental in keeping the wheels turning. International man of mystery, nobody is quite sure what he does elsewhere other than fact that often arrives on a bike.

Angelina Aziz


Angelina is another of our lovely Trustees. When she’s not trusteeing she can be found software engineering for a large bank…Clever Lady. Also has a clear and profound love for memes, make of that what you will.

Ioana Stoica


Trustee, Marketeer, *whispers* genius? Ioana is studying for her PHD at beds uni and is lovely enough to lend her expertise and drive whenever she can.

The Team

Emily Williams


Emily is the friendly face that heads up Discovery Yourself – one of YN’s Mental health offerings. In her spare time, she runs an ebay clothes business.

Zak Miah


This is Zak, he’s currently an A-level student with aspirations of working in the realm of corporate law. He likes reading and travelling as well as making new friends. One fun fact about me is that my favourite cuisine is Turkish!



Bruno is our resident whizzkid – a self-proclaimed ‘social media nerd’ he spends a lot of time on Tiktok and Twitch. He doesn’t mind pizza either.

Riaz Ahmed


Riaz is a British/Kashmiri, multi-disciplinary creator born in the town of Luton and works around the UK. Based mainly around London, Riaz has worked across many different types of visual work including film, photography and design.