Our Projects


Youth Network works on different projects that support young people from diverse backgrounds to developing their skills.

The circumstances resulting from COVID-19 have caused many of us to reflect on the prejudice and bias across the whole world. If you are from an ethnic minority, if you have a disability or if you are from another minority group you are more likely to suffer or die from COVID-19. If you are poor, if you have a lower educational background or if you live in poverty, you are more likely to suffer or die from the pandemic. Our “Race Class and Covid” research project will find the evidence on the issues young people in Luton are facing and we will provide solutions to how we can make our lives better. We want and strive for justice, fairness & equality for all young people in Luton.

If you’re living in Luton, identify as BIPOC and/or from a working class background, we want to hear from you. We are looking for articles ranging from 700-1000 words which reflect your own lived experiences in some way. Subject matter could include personal experiences, opinions on current affairs or a topic which you feel is not discussed enough. Share your work with Khadijah, our researcher, below.

Our RadioLab 97.1fm Show hosted by Bruno, Meryll and Khadijah talks about current affairs and important matters to young people.

Every Thursday from 4pm-6pm, our hosts bring in a different young person to discuss their opinion about the topics of the week. You can listen to them live by tuning into the RadioLab website, or catch up on a past show here.

Our podcast Youth Network Unfiltered is a space where we listen to each other, reclaim our narratives and empower ourselves. Our voices are our most powerful weapon and it has never been more important to share our views on the topics and events that affect us. We are a group of young people from various backgrounds, our differences unite us to think creatively and reflectively about the world around us. Have a listen to our episodes which will include topics such as feminism, intersectionality, culture, self-expression & current affairs.

On the 30th of May, 2019 we celebrated Eco Iftar! Focused on celebrating Ramadan through an eco-friendly point of view, Eco Iftar highlighted the benefits of a eco-conscious lifestyle – all of the food served was vegetarian, the cutlery and plates were 100% compostable and any excess food was donated to homeless people in the local area.

Furthemore, the attendees were invited to move around the hall and engage in conversations with new faces to learn more about each other’s cultures.

During March and April of 2019, Dragon’s Den empowered young Lutonians to have a business oriented mindset and start their own business. It was a flagship event for Youth Network composed by masterclasses, workshops and a pitching even in which the participants worked in teams to develop business plans.

The event culminated in the teams pitching their ideas to the Dragons (professionals with a business background) and receiving feedback on their work.