Stress awareness month with youth network

During the month of April, Youth Network led several projects to promote Stress Awareness.

Millions of us in the UK are experiencing high levels of stress especially during lockdown and evidently it is damaging our health. Stress is one of the greatest public health challenges but is still not being taken as a serious physical health concern. 

We understand that stress is one of the big issues that are affecting young people right now especially during COVID, and yet we feel that it is not spoken enough and little information is given to help better understand this, and so we have done the initiative to spread awareness by sharing vital information about the causes and ways to overcome this. 

Most importantly, Youth Network has given young people a platform to speak openly about their concerns around stressful experiences or simply sharing their frustrations  by reaching out to ‘Ask Mez’ every friday via Instagram.

This also gave young people the confidence to reach out and seek out help from us!

Youth Network wants to continue in supporting young people facing issues such as stress in university, school or even relationships.