We want you to know that you are not alone. It can be really difficult to reach out and be vulnerable, especially when there is stigma around speaking out about your mental health.

Our wellbeing peer to peer mentoring will help boost your physical, mental and spiritual health and support you in creating positive habits, through workshops focused on practical ways to approach mental wellbeing.


World Bipolar DayDuring this day we will be sharing facts and information about the Bipolar disorder
Stress Awareness MonthFrom the 1st of April onwards we will be talking about stress relating issues to commemorate this month
All DayEngland

Meryll, our wellbeing mentor is here to listen to you and help you maintain better physical, mental and spiritual health. As an MHFA-certified y0uth worker, Meryll loves helping young people by listening to what they have to say and giving them advice.

Maintaing positive daily habits is one way to get your life back on track. Discover Yourself is our mental health social action campaign, and we want you to share your habits with us and others so we can all benefit together. Small daily habits = big life long change.

Discover Yourself is an online group building peer-to-peer habits.

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