Who are Youth Network?

The Youth Network is all about empowering the young people of Luton to maximise their potential.

Employability & Skills
Youth Network training

The transition into adult life is coming fast and sometimes education on its own isn’t enough. We will help you learn essential people skills, employment skills, behaviours and attitudes so you achieve your goals. Business, entrepreneurship, digital tech and art are some of the projects we can help you with.

Social Action Campaigns

We are changing the world for the better, starting right here in Luton. We are currently running a wealth of campaigns that you can be a part of. Join us to have your say and make a difference.

Mental Health
Youth Network Mental Health

Modern demands on young people’s mental health are greater than ever before. Social media, the pandemic, constant access to information can all leave us feeling deflated. YN is here to let you know that we understand and can help you take positive steps to improve your mental health.

What do Youth Newtork stand for?

  • Young people are ambitious by their very nature. We want to help cultivate and encourage an environment where no ambition is too big.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

-Pablo Picasso


Using young people’s ambition & creativity and harnessing it into excellence is what we strive for.